The region is composed of five provinces, namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon; acronym CALABARZON.

Quezon Province Islands Philippines
Quezon Province Festivals

Mt. Banahaw Mountain Climbing
(March; western part of Quezon – Sariaya, Lucban, Tayabas & Dolores). Trekking the scenic Mt. Banahaw is a memorable experience.

Feast of San Isidro Labrador / Pahiyas Festival
(May 11-15). San Isidro is the patron saint of farmers. His feast day is celebrated to give thanks for a bountiful harvest that the farmers had received. With sincerity and flamboyance, the people of Lucban celebrate San Isidro’s feast day with varied festivities all over town, topped by the religious procession along the street where the houses are all decorated with native “pahiyas” (décor) called “kiping,” “suman,, rice cakes, fruits and vegetables, rice grains and rice stalks, beautiful and rare flowers and ferns, native lanterns, even “lechon.”

Feast of San Isidro / Agawan sa Sariaya
(May 11-15; Sariaya, Quezon). It is almost the same as the one held in Lucban, only the decoration or Pahiyas consists of fruits, vegetables, candies, breads, and other food either thrown or given to people after the patron saint has passed them. Joyous preparations for the feast of Saint Isidro de Labrador, patron saint of farmers and laborers, begins on the eve of May 14. The best of their crops are hung on the windows, walls, arenas, and young bamboo trees called “Bagakays.” As soon as the procession of the patron saint passes a decorated house, people are allowed to get its crop decor.

Feast of San Isidro / Balwarte sa Gumaca
(May 15; Gumaca, Quezon). This festival is different from Pahiyas sa Lucban – balwarte or arches are decorated with various agricultural products like bananas, vegetables, buco, pineapple, and root crops. These crop decor are pulled out by the people after the patron saint has passed. The three most beautifully decorated balwartes are given prizes.

Feast of San Isidro / Mayohan sa Tayabas
(May 12-15; Tayabas, Quezon). It is similar to the one in Lucban but less grandiose. It started in 1998 so it is only starting to pick up. Several programs are held from May 12 to 14 and the parade is held on the 15th. Contests on the re-enactment of different cultural practices like Sunduan, Santa Cruzan, and Galahan are held with huge prizes at stake. Hagisan ng suman is done on the 15th of May.

Pasayahan sa Lucena
It is a three-day celebration featuring outlandish costumes and symbolic floats, which parade along the main street of the city. The affair is highlighted by dancing, singing, and merry-making on the street ala Mardi Gras. This is done on the 27th of May after the Feast of San Isidro de Labrador by hanging all sorts of crops, candies, kiping on bamboo poles, and bagaybay. On the 29th, Ugat Lucena is celebrated, where Lucenahin residents and those from abroad come home and retrace familial origin, renew old acquaintances, and enjoy camaraderies.

It’s fiesta time on the 30th, highlighted by the celebration of Holy Mass by the bishop, in honor of Saint Ferdinand, the patron saint of Lucena. Santa Cruzan, held on the 31st, showcases the innate talents of Lucena’s couturiers and artists on aesthetics and fashion design via a religious setting.

Hambujan Festival
(before Holy Week; Dolores, Quezon). There is a competition on colorful street dancing and rituals to honor the Virgin Mary.

Dolores Day
(April 6; Dolores, Quezon). Dolores Day is the town’s foundation anniversary. On this date, people from other places come to the town and pray in the town church. Many sick people also come to pray to be healed.

Quezon Province Islands Philippines

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