The region is composed of five provinces, namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon; acronym CALABARZON.


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Laguna Islands Philippines
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Laguna Festivals
Laguna Islands Philippines

Ana Kalang Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Ana Kalang Festival - Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines
Nagcarlan, Laguna, located 105 kms. South of Manila, supposedly got its name from the legendary head of the tribe before Christianity was brought to the Philippines- Ana Kalang. This beautiful and capable leader, allegedly saw the Virgin Sta. Ana, who took the poison out of the lanzones fruit so that it can be edible, thus, the name Ana kalang Festival, in honor of the fruit which is one of the town’s main agricultural product.

Ana Kalang Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Coconut Festival - San Pablo City, Laguna
Coconut is one of the main products of the city. To make the most of the “Tree of Life”, and to show the world the talents and ingenuity of the local townsfolk, the Coconut Festival came into existence. Now on its 10th year, having its maiden year on January, 1996, the coco fest is held during the celebration of the city’s patron saint, St. Paul the First Hermit, which falls every 15th of January.

Coconut Festival, Feast of the Risen Christ - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Feast of the Risen Christ - San Pablo City, Laguna
An age-old tradition for the San Pableños is the observance of the Holy Week wherein a procession of life-sized images in huge carozas (floats) depicting the passion of Christ is done. Held every Holy Wednesday and Good Friday, a religious holiday, people from near and far were free to troop to this place to witness this event.

Coconut Festival, Mayflower Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Mayflower Festival - San Pablo City, Laguna
Another age-old tradition that the San Pableños celebrate is the Flores de Maria sometimes also called as Santacruzan held on the month of May, one of the summer months in the Philippines. The Flores de Maria is offering of flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary done by small girls to teen-aged ones donned in gowns. Before the offering of the flowers, these lovely ladies parade in streets at night. Santacruzan, on the other hand, is a reenactment of the finding of the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

Festival of Lights - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Festivals of Lights - San Pablo City, Laguna
In the celebration of Christmas during December, the people of San Pablo have always made it their tradition to adorn the front of their houses, especially their windows, the trees or plants on their front yard or even their gates, with strings of colorful lights as a symbol of welcoming the birth of Christ. With this, the tourism Council of San Pablo thought that it will be best to make this tradition a more festive occasion, thus, the birth of the Festival of Lights which had its maiden year in December, 2004.

October Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

October festival (Market by the lake) - San Pablo City, Laguna
To boost the trade and commerce in San Pablo, the San Pablo City Chamber of Commerce and the San Pablo City Tourism Council came up with the October Festival. First conducted in October, 2004, the festival was a raging success. A Trade Fair and Exhibit was held on the banks of Sampaloc Lake.

Bangkero Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Bangkero Festival - Pagsanjan, Laguna
the Bangkero Festival was launched in May, 1999 as a showcase for the bravery of its boatmen (bangkeros).

The Bangkero Festival was conceptualized in honor of the people who has worked hard to present the world their hometown’s natural wonder. Not minding the strong river current, these boatmen carry people to the site of the famous waterfall. It is just apt that the city government gives tribute to them through the Bangkero Festival.

The 5-day festival opens with Best Bangka Presentation, Best Float and Street Dancing. This activity is a contest for decorated boats and floats being paraded through the town’s main thoroughfare while the street dancing is a parade of students from different schools donned in colorful and attractive costumes swaying to the beat of upbeat music.

Tsinelas Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Tsinelas Festival - Liliw, Laguna
This little town is actually the Footwear Capital of Laguna, being the source of quality footwear, most notably tsinelas (slippers). No wonder not only residents of neighboring towns patronize their products but balikbayans as well.

Because of the thriving footwear industry, the local government, through the encouragement of the Southern Tagalog Tourism Council whose main concern is to develop tourism in Region IV through the implementation of FESTIVALS, conceptualize the Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival. The festival is dubbed as such in honor of the town’s founder-Gat Tayaw- and its major industry-tsinelas.

First held in April 5-7, 2002, the Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival was a raging success with no less than Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the guest of honor.

Pinya Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Pinya Festival - Calauan, Laguna
Calauan, Laguna, located 74 kilometers south of Manila is known for its prime agricultural product- pinya (pineapple). Claiming their local product is the sweetest in the Philippines, the town is trooped by people from near or far alike. It is just natural that their local officials create a festival using their most treasured possession.

The Pinya Festival started in May, 2003 as the highlight in the celebration of the town’s fiesta, the feast of San Isidro Labrador. The festivities include Trade Fair Exhibit, Nightly Cultural Presentations, Culinary Contest, Search for Binibining Calauan, Grand Float Parade and Mardigras Street Dancing.

Itik Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Itik Festival - Victoria, Laguna
Itik ( Anas Plathrhynchos Linn ) a breed of duck, is the main product of the town of Victoria in Laguna. This small, bustling town is the center of the duck industry in the province. In this regard, on the occasion of its 52nd year as a municipality, the local government launched the Itik Festival on November, 2002.

Turumba Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Turumba Festival - Pakil, Laguna
One of the most celebrated religious festivals in the country is the Turumba festival in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows – Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba. Based on research the original framed Image of the Virgin is the picture of the Virgin of Sorrows with the name “Virgin de Las Antiguas”. This is now the Image placed in a special nook at the Church Altar, the same image exulted in the Turumba festival during the “Lupi Season” in the months of March and April.

Keso Festival - Festivals of Laguna Islands Philippines

Keso Festival - Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Sta. Cruz, Laguna, located 96 kms south of Manila, the province’s capital is developed as the administrative, commercial and service center of the province. But aside from this, Sta Cruz has still a lot more to offer- it is the site of the famous Keso Festival.

In celebration of the town’s quadricentennial as a municipality in April, 2002, the Keso Festival came into existence. Kesong Puti is an authentic Filipino cheese which originated from Laguna. It is made from the freshest carabao’s milk and is made hard using a coagulating agent- either vinegar or rennet (part of the cow’s stomach). A small amount of salt is added to give it added flavor. It is said that kesong puti originated from Sta. Cruz, the reason why the municipal officials put up a festival in its honor.

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Main Dishes Philippine Cuisine

Adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes and is considered unofficially by many as the national dish. It usually consists of pork or chicken, sometimes both, stewed or braised in a sauce usually made from vinegar, cooking oil, garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns, and soy sauce. It can also be prepared "dry" by cooking out the liquid and concentrating the flavor. Bistek, also known as "Filipino beef steak," consists of thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce and calamansi and then fried in a skillet that is typically served with onions.

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