The region is composed of five provinces, namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon; acronym CALABARZON.


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Laguna Islands Philippines
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Laguna Natural Attractions
Laguna Islands Philippines

Mount Makiling, Los Baņos - Natural Attractions Laguna Islands PhilippinesPagsanjan Falls, Cavinti - Natural Attractions Laguna Islands PhilippinesBuruwisan Falls, Siniloan - Natural Attractions Laguna Islands PhilippinesHiddwn Valley Springs - Natural Attractions Laguna Islands Philippines

Mount Makiling, Los Baños

Mt. Makiling is an inactive volcano, rising to about 1,109 meter above sea level. The vegetation consists of approximately 2,048 different species of plants. According to legends, the slopes of Mt. Makiling are shaped like that of a woman reclining down. Some say that it is the profile of the sleeping Mariang Makiling, a legendary goddess. Still others say that Mariang Makiling dwells in this mountain and protects it from harm.

Pagsanjan Falls, Cavinti

The name of the falls is Magdapio Falls, located the next town, Cavinti. However, the falls has been popularly known as Pagsanjan Falls because the trip to the falls, referred to as “shooting the rapids”, starts from Pagsanjan.

Crocodile Lake, Los Baños

Crocodile Lake is a small crater lake situated on the edge of Laguna de Bay, shaped like a crocodile.

Buruwisan Falls, Siniloan

Buruwisan Falls is one of the five falls found in the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, the others being Guiling-Guiling Falls, Lanzones Falls, Binaytuan Falls, and Sebakon Falls. Most of these falls are still unexplored. Buruwisan Falls is the most popular because it is the most accessible. Buruwisan Falls has a more or less 50-meter drop.

Dalatiwan River, Botocan, Majayjay

The terrain is rugged as mountain lands go, and the cool waters of the river gush through the rocks and boulders along the watercourse in sweeping currents. Better brace yourself for the trip to the Dalitiwan River.

Seven Lakes, San Pablo City

Seven lakes is nestled in a depression created long ago by volcanic activity. The seven lakes are: Sampaloc, Mojicap, Palakpakin, Calibato, Pandin, Yambo and the Bunot Lakes. Sampaloc Lake, the biggest of the seven lakes, is dotted fishpens where tilapia, a local freshwater carp species is breed.

Hidden Valley Springs, Calauan

Eight Mountains, Nagcarlan

It includes Mt. Atimla, Mt. Mabilog, Mt. Nagcarlan, Mt. Malauban, Mt. Lansay, Mt. Bayaquitos, Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw.

Philippines Cuisine History and Influences

During the pre-Hispanic era in the Philippines, the preferred Austronesian methods for food preparation were boiling, steaming and roasting. The ingredients for common dishes were obtained from locally raised livestock. These ranged from kalabaw (water buffaloes), baka (cows), manok (chickens) and baboy (pigs) to various kinds of fish and seafood. More details at Philippines Cuisine History and Influences

Laguna Islands Philippines

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